Troy welcomes circus to the city for ten days

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Ten days of circus acts are set to take place at the Prospect Park big top tent. The Contemporary Circus and Immersive Arts Center describes the events as performing diversity for all ages to enjoy by local and foreign performers. 

The first night begins with a cabaret and fundraiser. Performers describe donations as important to keep the arts alive. “It’s individual donors, it’s big grants from state and local governments and things like that, that really keep it going and make it possible,” said Tightwire Walker, Logan Kerr.

Kerr has been training on tightwire professionally since 2015. From performing in fields in Ohio to flatbeds driving through New York City, she wants other people to be able to see working in the circus as a real job.

“I didn’t know it was a career either until pretty late in my life. Some kids grow up doing it, circus classes, since they’re like three years old,” explained Kerr.

Kids don’t even have to run away to join this circus. A summer camp for kids starts Monday. Aerial instructors like Shayna Golub teach the next generation all aspects of the arts.

“A little bit of aerial, a little bit of ground stuff, a little bit of juggling, a little bit of clowning. Just like showing the breadth of all this different kinds of discipline that fit in circus,” stated Golub.

An important part of performing is safety, something the troupe takes seriously. “The kind of forces that were putting onto the aerial apparatuses is dynamic loads which is a lot different from hanging a heavy thing in the air. There’s like a rule of thumb that like if your structure and if your thing can hold a car that’s when it’s safe,” explained Golub.

The troupe will continue to have more acts to come with a variety of talent. The circus will be in the city from August 11 to the 20.

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