$700K in bikes stolen in Boulder over the past year

BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Police in Boulder are warning of a spike in bike theft this month.

More than $100,000 worth of bikes is reported missing. The city reports that 45 bikes have been stolen over the past 30 days.

Tyler Shady told FOX31 he learned about the importance of bike locks the hard way.

“I personally have had two bikes stolen from me when I lived on campus, both in the same night,” Shady said.

Shady said he hasn’t had a bike stolen since then because of his consistent use of quality bike locks.

Boulder Police told FOX31 thieves are targeting all types of bikes, from cheap to expensive. The city’s stolen bikes report shows 356 bikes were stolen over the past year, valued at $728,000. Ten have been recovered.

How to protect your bike from thieves

Shady, who manages University Bicycles, told the Problem Solvers some crooks are putting down the bolt cutters and picking up the power tools.

“People are using cordless angle grinders to cut through some of these locks,” Shady said.

Police say a U lock offers the best protection. Shady showed FOX31 a variety that can provide better protection against the use of power tools, along with other gadgets that secure wheels and seats.

The University of Colorado Boulder Police Department told the Problem Solvers students should use campus-approved racks that are strategically placed in safe areas.

Spokesperson Christine Mahoney added that registered bikes have a much better chance of being recovered. Students can complete the registration when they register their laptops.

Bike registration also allows students to visit the free bike stations on campus for maintenance and repairs. Students are advised to register bikes and laptops upon arrival on campus.

CU Boulder provides information to help those with bikes learn more about preventing bike theft.

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