State response to two train derailments in two days

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–Friday Morning, a freight train derailed from the tracks near Amsterdam in Montgomery County.

New York State agencies including the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, the Department of Transportation, and State Police arrived on scene to monitor the situation. According to Governor Kathy Hochul, no injuries or spills have been reported.

An investigation is ongoing.

“It has closed down some highways for a time being,” explained Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli, Transportation Committee Chair. “Could go into tomorrow. Amtrak is effected, obviously, in the area. By tomorrow, I’m hoping from what I’m hearing from the department of transportation, things should be up and running again.”

Amtrak offered alternate transportation for customers.

It’s the second derailment in New York State this week. On Thursday, a train derailment happened east of Jamaica Station disrupting the Long Island Rail Service. Thirteen juries were reported, none of them life-threatening.

In the state budget, money was allocated for train safety.

“The governor had put in the budget $1 million for rail safety programs,” said Magnarelli. “We added another $800,000 to that, and these are programs that would make sure the rails are safe so to speak—- inspection of our rails in New York State.”

A train derailment in Ohio earlier this year prompted the New York State Legislature to act.

“We did pass one piece of legislation again in both houses and that would require that we maintain two crew members on every train that is running in New York State.”

Back in February, the governor called on Congress and the freight rail industry to phase-in safer cars for hazardous materials, modernize breaking regulations, require rail roads to give advance notice of hazardous cars moving through the state, and expand grants for hazmat preparedness.

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