High tides causes coastal flooding issues

SAN DIEGO — Warming temperatures are having unintended consequences.

The surf is bigger and coastal erosion is speeding up with the new energy in the water.

It’s a fact that is impossible to ignore the temperatures across the globe are rising and climate change is altering things everywhere, according to oceanographers from Scripps.

The surf has been getting bigger since the 1970s and big wave events are now twice as more common then four decades ago.

“More heat within the earth’s system, more heat in the atmosphere, more heat in the ocean, that’s energy and that energy makes things stronger, faster, higher and that’s what we are experiencing,” said Dr. Pat Abbott from San Diego State University.

Abbott says as carbon emissions continue creating hotter temperatures, a series of cycles are speeding up.

“As waves and water are coming farther onshore, they are going to do even more cutting of the sea cliffs and it will accelerate the retreat of the cliffs,” Abbott said.

And with less sand on the beaches and a supermoon overhead, the tides started rolling in as Mission Bay silently flooded its streets, hitting the women’s club especially hard.

“We’ve all seen heavy rains scare the heck out of us, but to just see all of a sudden the bay or the ocean decide to rise up and start running all around your ankles, it’s a little different experience,” resident John David Crow said.

“The beaches are moving inland as the cliffs erode, so we are going to get more and more actions,” Abbott said. “What are rare news stories now, are going to become common place fair.”

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