Internet obsessed with Dachshund who is ready for a bubble bath and dives in

A social media video of a little dachshund named Wee enjoying a bubble bath has delighted audiences across the internet.

The viral video shows the sausage dog racing into the bathroom and diving into a tub full of bubbles, before enjoying getting its head scrubbed and massaged and dunking its head under the running faucet. The adorable moment has been watched by over 1 million TikTok users.

The original poster, @__..Twigs..__, has a following of more than 245,000 and often posts clips of Wee’s adorable antics.

The owner warns the cute pooch not to get sucked down the drain as the bath empties. The clip ends with a squeaky-clean Wee seen relaxing on a bed with an oversized toy carrot.

A stock image of a dachshund in water. The viral video captured Wee the sausage dog enjoying a bubble bath.
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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

The U.K.-based animal welfare organization Blue Cross advises online that dogs are better left unwashed for as long as possible. This is because dogs of all coat lengths and breeds tend to have sensitive skin that can dry out if washed too often. Too many baths can also cause skin irritations and damage.

“Unless they get dirty or roll in something a bit gross, it’s best to leave the natural oils in their coat do all the hard work,” Blue Cross writes on its website. “They’re pretty great at self-cleaning.”

“If you use drop-on flea and worming treatment, this will also be washed away every time you bathe them,” the charity adds.

Flea and worming treatments tend to be available either as drop-on serums that are applied to a dog’s neck or back, or as oral tablets.

The Blue Cross also reminds pet owners that they should only be using special canine shampoo on their dogs, or as an alternative, baby shampoo, because adult human products are too harsh for a dog’s sensitive and easily irritated skin.

What Do the Comments Say?

Since it was shared to the social media platform by @__..Twigs..__ on July 22, the TikTok post has been liked by over 133,000 users and shared more than 5,700 times. Plenty of TikTokers have gushed over the sweet moment in the comments section below the post.

“The soft silent cries for the faucet,” one user wrote. “I’m obsessed with this dog,” another user added.

A third TikTok-er commented: “The bubbles on his face.”

“Wee is a mood and I am here for it,” shared another user.

“I live for Wee. He is my happiness and I love him,” commented a different user.

Newsweek reached out to @__..Twigs..__ for comment via TikTok on Thursday.

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